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About Us


Jacob Jordan is a native of Waynesboro, Ga. Jacob started dealing with sheet metal in 2012 while working at Mechanical Trades in Hephzibah, GA. where He insulated the commercial duct and formed all  matter  of the duct pipe. Jacob then worked with Dyes Southern Catering part time while He ventured out on other projects to make ends meet. He started doing contract work with T Four Properties  Painting, Clearing, Roof repairs, Light Plumbing, & Junk removal. Jacob had always been a great worker and a fast learner. One day while riding through waynesboro ga. Jacob seen Mr. Paul Golden Jr who owned Golden & Golden Mechanical. Jacob had known Mr. Golden and his family quite some time and actually lived up the street from them years ago. 

Mr. Golden asked Jacob was He interested in a job working with them. And  It was at that moment Jacob found a new motivation and doing work that he found fun and meaningful to do. After getting the hang of things one day on a job Jacob spoke with Mr Golden and said if yall can do this so can I. Jacob told Mr.Golden that he was signing up for school to take up HVAC. And that's just what Jacob did. After graduating from Augusta Technical college Jacob landed a job at Yohe Plumbing Heating & Air. Jacob was trained as the Set and Start up Technician. It wasn't long before Jacob Had his own truck. Jacob successfully set and started up over 360 HVAC systems while working at Yohe Plumbing Heating & Air. Jacob quit Yohe and started His own landscaping business. While doing His own thing Jacob began getting call from people concerning HVAC issues. So Jacob reached out to Mr. Golden And Mr. Hyde who both had a License and there He established a bond working for them both so that he could get more experience so that He could obtain His very own License.


After about a year Jacob received  a call from James Ward who also had graduated from Augusta with Jacob. Mr. Ward asked him was he interested in working with them at Busbys Heating and Air. Jacob waisted no time and was hired at Busbys. Jacob met some wonderful people while at Busbys. Most of all got the best training a technician could get. Rick Cadle is the best! After a year of working at Busbys Jacob parted ways and started doing Sub contract work with Mr. Hyde. Mr. Golden died before writing a reference for Jacob. shortly after that Mr. Hyde died too before writing a reference for Jacob. Jacob felt discouraged but nevertheless never stop seeking guidance and help towards obtaining His Contractor License for HVAC.  Finally one day Jacob bumped into Mr Jackson owner of Jacksons Heating & Air.


Thereafter building a bond Jacob was able to get the reference needed to get approved to take the Hvac License exam. After finally getting approved Jacob excited!! took all classes offered to help with exam. However, Jacob failed on His 1st attempt. extremely exhausted Jacob had to turn to His belief in God to find strength to keep pushing on. Jacob rode around carrying His books everywhere studying every chance He got. Jacob even took all the exam prep classes over. Finally on January 23, 2023 Jacob passed His Exam. Wow!! Overwhelmed with joy Jacob has started his own Hvac business. You can follow him on facebook Jacob Jordan Or Jacob's Heating & Air Services LLC.  More to come!!

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